The concept of orange peel embossed aluminum

Embossed aluminum coil/aluminum plate (patterned aluminum plate) is an aluminum product with a pattern formed on the surface after calendering on the basis of aluminum plate. There are mainly orange peel, diamond, bean pattern, Samsung, hemispherical and other patterns, which are commonly used in packaging, construction, curtain walls, refrigerators, air conditioners, lighting, etc.

Orange peel aluminum coils are usually used in refrigerators, air conditioners and other refrigeration equipment and pipeline insulation. Due to the particularity of the pattern, this series of products have good thermal conductivity and heat dissipation performance.

Orange Peel Embossed Aluminum

Pros of Orange Peel Pattern Embossed Aluminum Sheet

1. Low cost. Since the specific gravity of the embossed aluminum coil is 2.71, the weight of the aluminum plate/㎡ is relatively light, which can save a lot of raw materials and reduce costs.
2. Good heat dissipation. Because the embossed aluminum plate has the characteristics of aluminum, the appearance is beautiful and the heat dissipation is good.
3. Easy to process. Aluminum has high plasticity and can be bent, wound, stamped, welded, etc., with high work efficiency.

Specifications of Embossed Orange Peel Pattern

1. Diamond pattern, thickness 0.1-2.0, width 800-1220mm;
2. Orange peel pattern, thickness 0.01-3.0mm, width 800-1226mm;
3. Bean-shaped/hemispherical pattern, thickness 0.1-1.2mm, width 800-1220mm.

Parameters of orange peel embossed aluminum

Surface treatment: mill mirror, color anodized etc

According to the product type, it can be divided into

  • Orange peel embossed aluminum sheet plate
  • Orange peel embossed aluminum coil
  • Orange peel embossed aluminum foil roll

The thickness of orange peel aluminum produced by general enterprises is between 0.2mm and 1.0mm, and the width is usually 1000mm.

At present, 3003 series rust-proof aluminum sheets/coils are usually used as the base material in the refrigeration industry, and 1060 series are usually used for orange peel aluminum sheets/coils for pipe insulation and packaging.

Applications of orange peel embossed aluminum

The products are mainly used for thermal insulation materials of large buildings, central air-conditioning ventilation ducts, floor heating, solar collector panels, cold storage, refrigerators, freezers, interior and exterior wall decoration insulation, etc.

Applications of orange peel embossed aluminum
Orange peel embossed aluminum production process