Embossed aluminum plate of refrigerator – advantages of embossed aluminum plate evaporator of refrigerator

First, in terms of refrigeration speed: according to the principle of physics, the thermal conductivity of aluminum is 237W/mK, and the thermal conductivity of iron is 80W/mK. The greater the value of the thermal conductivity, the better the thermal conductivity, the faster the cooling speed under the same conditions, and the better the refrigeration effect. The embossed aluminum plate evaporator, refrigeration speed is 3 times that of a wire tube evaporator. You can do a small test, in the electric refrigerator aluminum drop on a drop of water, 5 seconds into ice, refrigeration speed is very fast!

Speaking on material: aluminum costs more than five times the cost of iron, for recycling price, a price of aluminum cans is 1 MAO, a tin can is the price of the 2 points, high cost of an embossed aluminum plate evaporator was chosen as the best refrigeration effect of aluminum plate evaporator, ordinary refrigerator using wire tube evaporator is in order to save costs, is to cut corners!

Embossed aluminum plate of refrigerator
Three, in terms of solder joints and corrosion resistance: wire tube evaporator solder joints, refrigerator drawer long-term contact, and friction with wire tube solder joints will scrape off the paint layer on the surface of the wire tube evaporator, once the paint layer is scraped off, wire tube will rust, paint broken into the food will harm human health; Once the solder joints break, the refrigerant leaks and the refrigerator is ruined. The embossed aluminum plate evaporator surface of the aluminum plate will be refrigeration tube wrapped, without any solder joints, refrigerant never leaks, safe and healthy!

Four, in terms of bearing capacity. Refrigerator freezer drawer and embossed aluminum evaporator in full contact, refrigeration area is large, uniform refrigeration, because of uniform force, embossed aluminum evaporator bearing capacity up to 30 kg.

We should understand the refrigerator uses an embossed aluminum evaporator than wire tube evaporator is much better. An embossed aluminum plate is easy to clean, and easy corrosion of wire tube.