What are the advantages of embossed aluminum sheet evaporator?

1. Aluminum has better heat transfer performance and ranks among the best among metals;

2. A dense oxide film can be formed on the surface of aluminum, which has good corrosion resistance;

3. The proportion of aluminum is relatively small, and the weight of the manufactured equipment is relatively light;

4. Embossing can increase the heat transfer area and improve the heat transfer efficiency.

aluminum sheet embossing

The embossed aluminum sheet evaporator has always been used in refrigerators:

1. In terms of cooling speed: According to the principles of physics, the thermal conductivity of aluminum is 237W/mK, and the thermal conductivity of iron is 80W/mK. The larger the thermal conductivity, the better the thermal conductivity, and the cooling rate will be lower under the same conditions. The faster, the better the cooling effect. The refrigerator adopts an embossed aluminum plate evaporator, and the cooling speed is three times that of a wire tube evaporator. You can do a small experiment, drip a drop of water on the aluminum plate of the freezer compartment of the energized refrigerator, it will become ice in 5 seconds, and the cooling speed is very fast!

Second, in terms of material: the cost price of aluminum is more than 5 times that of iron, reducing costs.

3. In terms of solder joints and corrosion resistance: there are many solder joints in the wire tube evaporator, and the freezer compartment drawer has long-term contact and friction with the wire tube solder joints, which will scrape the paint layer on the surface of the wire tube evaporator. Once the paint layer is scratched Open, the iron wire tube will rust, and paint scraps falling into the food will endanger human health; once the solder joints are broken, the refrigerant will leak and the refrigerator will be scrapped.

4. In terms of load-bearing capacity:

The refrigerator freezer drawer is in full contact with the embossed aluminum sheet evaporator. The cooling area is large and the cooling is uniform. Due to the uniform force, the load-bearing capacity of Haier’s embossed aluminum plate evaporator is as high as 30 kg.

The advantages of embossed aluminum plate evaporators are high electricity efficiency and fast cooling speed; the disadvantages are wear resistance and low impact resistance, which are prone to internal leakage; the wire tube evaporator is sturdy and durable, but the efficiency is slightly lower!

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