embossed aluminum

Embossed aluminum

Embossed aluminum can also be called stucco aluminum, it belongs to aluminum products that form various patterns on the surface after calendering on the basis of aluminum coil. It is widely used, mainly in packaging, architecture, curtain wall and so on.

According to the pattern type, it can be divided into orange peel, diamond etc

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5 major applications of embossed aluminum sheet

Embossed aluminum sheet is a highly decorative aluminum sheet product, which is usually used in building exterior walls, roofs, interior decoration, billboards, body shells, furniture production and other fields. It achieves a variety of decorative effects by machining the aluminum plate into a surface with different patterns. Common embossed aluminum plates include rolling flowers, water ripples, and squares. ...

4 major application scenarios of embossed aluminum

1-Architectural decoration: Embossed aluminum can be used as decorative materials such as building walls, ceilings, doors and windows, partitions, etc., providing aesthetics, durability and fire resistance. 2-Home decoration: Embossed aluminum can be used as interior decoration materials such as furniture, suspended ceilings, partitions, etc., providing aesthetics, easy cleaning and moisture resistance. 3-A ...

What is the difference between printed aluminum sheet and embossed aluminum sheet?

Both printed aluminum sheet and embossed aluminum sheet are types of aluminum sheet, but they differ in the way they are manufactured and the visual appearance of the surface. Printing aluminum panels refers to the process of printing designs or images onto the surface of aluminum panels using inks or dyes. The printing process can be done using various methods such as digital printing, screen printing or offs ...

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Embossed aluminum plate of refrigerator – advantages of embossed aluminum plate evaporator of refrigerator

First, in terms of refrigeration speed: according to the principle of physics, the thermal conductivity of aluminum is 237W/mK, and the thermal conductivity of iron is 80W/mK. The greater the value of the thermal conductivity, the better the thermal conductivity, the faster the cooling speed under the same conditions, and the better the refrigeration effect. The embossed aluminum plate evaporator, refrigeration s ...

Why choose embossed aluminum for heat shields

Due to embossed aluminum's high corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, high reflectivity and low emissivity, these products can successfully withstand continuous temperatures up to 650°C (1200° F) and reduce radiant heat by 90%. Easy to cut with tin scissors, simply fold over the square edge with a hammer and form the edge. Embossing offers unlimited design potential. Embossed patterns are eas ...