Embossed aluminum

Embossed aluminum can also be called stucco aluminum, it belongs to aluminum products that form various patterns on the surface after calendering on the basis of aluminum coil. It is widely used, mainly in packaging, architecture, curtain wall and so on.

According to the pattern type, it can be divided into orange peel, diamond etc

Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd

We are a factory specializing in the production of embossed aluminum. We can customize textured by customer's requirements. The products includes embossed aluminum sheet plate, stucco aluminium coil, embossing aluminum foil etc


Why should embossed aluminum sheet be used for refrigerator liner? Advantages of embossed aluminum plate

Embossed aluminum sheet is also called stucco aluminum sheet. It is based on aluminum plate. After calendering, various beautiful patterns are formed on the surface of aluminum sheet. Therefore, it is called embossed aluminum sheet in the industry. This product is widely used and is common in product packaging and architectural decoration. Why embossed aluminum sheet is used in refrigerator liner and what advanta ...